Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam // Day 6 // Dinner – Vietnamese Pho + Grilled meat

Having walked the entire day, we were feeling sore and aching for a massage. Hehe aching, geddit?


This was one of the few massage parlors that did not look sleazy. While the price of an hour’s worth of body massage was slightly higher, the service we received was impeccable. The masseuses that assisted us gave us a set of clothes to change into and we were given lockers to lock our belongings up. We would recommend this parlor to anyone who wants a “clean” place for massage. There’s also a 20% discount if you were to visit them from 12 to 2pm*.

After massage, we felt so hungry and walked along Pham Ngu Lao street for some food! We had already passed by this Vietnamese BBQ stall earlier on and decided to give it a try as it was full house!
P1090022P1090023P1090029All the grilled meat were pretty tasty!

Chicken drumstick which was juicy and fat!

Obviously, it wasn’t enough to satisfy us and we went for Vietnamese Pho.

P1090047Anyone who visits Vietnam would know that the national dish of the country is Pho. Basically, it’s a type of noodle dish with thin rice noodles with beef.

We loved it! The broth was light but tasty, and the noodles were perfectly done. Our only complain is that the beef was slightly overcooked and did not come to us in a pretty shade of pink. Otherwise, everything else was perfect! We would even call this the best Pho that we’ve had! (Not that we’ve eaten a lot though, but this was really good!)

The meal was pretty expensive as it came up to 163,000 VND for 2 bowls of Pho and 2 coffee.

And… We wrapped up our night at the night market!


Interesting encounter we had that day. I was about to pay for my Ahli baba pants when there was a raid! Somebody shouted out loud and the entire street became very anxious all of a sudden. The lady whom I was purchasing my pants from immediately pushed my money away and wrapped her goods up. We stood there in shock, not knowing what to do.

And our final decision was… To walk away. The Chinese has this saying… When all else fails, escape! So that was what we did. We fled the scene lest we got into trouble.

One thought on “Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam // Day 6 // Dinner – Vietnamese Pho + Grilled meat

  1. oh my!!! i REALLLYYY enjoyed your post! the pictures of the food were gorgeous !! i MUST go to vietnam and try out the street food and all that they have to offer .
    thanks for sharing your experience! =] it has added vietnam to my list of countries to visit!
    Also, please do check out my food-review blog too with posts which you may find interesting at https://eatandtell1.wordpress.com/ =]
    & follow me on Facebook too https://www.facebook.com/eatandtell001
    Bon Appetit! =]


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