Krabi, Thailand – 12 hours to Aonang beach

“What are you gonna do this week? Work only starts for you on the 12th right? Maybe you should take a trip somewhere.”

That was it, enough to spur me on to search for the rates on a Sunday night. It was 1230am in the morning, and I contemplated for a good 15 minutes before I finally made the purchase. It was exhilarating… the adrenaline rush, excitement and I was giddy with joy.

I sent a text to my mom informing her that I’d be flying off in less than 12 hours’ time and told her I’d return home before she knew it.

Down to work – I threw in the necessities into my backpack and slugged it on as I made my way to the best airport in the world. Before I was even able to digest my decision, I was on the plane to Krabi.


It still felt unreal at this point of time as I made my way through the immigration clearance and finally settled on my seat. I’ve never been to Krabi, never did any research and had no idea what to expect.


It was gloomy when we landed, not a good start I suppose. Oh well, it will only get better.

img_6345eThe immigration was painfully slow and messy and it took more than half an hour to finally get past it. There was a moment of panic initially as I thought I had lost my luggage but it turns out there were two belts for baggage retrieval and I haven’t realised. In fact, I was tempted to take off with one that looked similar to mine if I wasn’t going to find it just so it fills the void.

When I was in the airport toilet, the Mainland Chinese tourists greeted me with a sight. This old lady was changing out of her pants openly and I could see her white undies. When I was out, she was changing her top. As I walked past the other cubicles, this other Chinese tourist was doing the half-squat and peeing without closing the door.

What a start.


Slumber Party at the Beach Hostel – A 40-minutes ride away


I have big issues trying to remember the name of the hostel. It’s about 20 SGD a night and I booked it simply because I saw…


Yup, enough to entice me to book it immediately.

img_6364eimg_6357eIt was almost 6pm at this point of time and I simply got dinner and a massage before retiring to the hostel for the night.

A bloody rip-off for 220 baht
The next day, it was a simple day as I set out to check out the area and get some sun. It was still gloomy and weather forecast has predicted that it was thunderstorms for the week.


But it cleared up! I was so happy the sun was showing some face and the weather was perfect. It was sunny yet windy, sometimes it was a little chilly but it balances the warmth of the sun – lovely.


Aonang beach is truly one of the best spots to catch sunsets. I returned after my lunch to see the sun settling into the ocean. You get an unblocked view of the sun making its way down and at the same time, you can spot the moon in the skies.


Once in a lifetime, you should take a spontaneous trip out of the country if possible. Memories of the trip will last you for a long time and things will fall in place without you having to worry. More thoughts to follow!


Olivia L.


9 thoughts on “Krabi, Thailand – 12 hours to Aonang beach

  1. The interesting start of your journey in the toilet should have prompted you to buy the Big sweep….lol
    And you are fortunate to have such wonderful weather in Ao Nang, we had it raining for the few days we were there (booohooohoo!) That did not stop us from snorkelling though. Did you consider that?


    1. I should have considered that, could have been on the way to becoming the next tycoon ha! Snorkeling wasn’t part of my plan this time though, I’ve done it afew times in Thailand so it was mostly to check out the beaches but I did kayaking there! And you’ve got more reasons to visit Aonang again cause of the weather now. 🙂

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