Yet another goodbye

Our first meal together when I got back after four weeks being away

I wanted to document this… fresh after shedding a few tears and while his words were still lingering on my mind.

There’s no bad blood, and we said our goodbyes with a smile. I’d prefer describing this as such, instead of “we ended” since nothing officially happened between us.

I remember the first time meeting him at Gem bar almost 6 months ago – he had a huge smile hanging on his face and extended his arms out to say hi. I also remember our first official “date” at the zoo, even until now, it remains my favourite memory of us.

I’ve no complaints, because I’ve been on the receiving end. He’s showered me with concern and been there for me when I was feeling down. I guess now’s really the time for me to focus on healing, knowing I won’t have anyone to fall back on anymore.

Thank you for everything, take care you :’)


Olivia L.



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