Model-wannabe at Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

I was on the checkout page on Klook – intending to purchase two trips – one for Ijen Crater and another for Mount Bromo. But alas, there was a caveat – a minimum of two was needed!

This is not the first time I’ve had issues travelling alone in Indonesia, the same happened a couple of months ago when I wanted to pay a visit to Nusa Penida. Bummer!

So I looked around, and asked a few companies for private transport/tours. Many said the same, mentioning that they don’t cater to solo travellers. Finally, two companies gave me a quotation. As compared to travelling in a group, it was wayyy more expensive travelling by myself.

But I settled with Bromo Ijen Transindo, as he replied me instantly and offered a really attractive package – including all my accommodation, entrance tickets, guide, driver for all the time I’m there. Denny, my guide, shared that it would make sense to visit Tempuk Sewu since I had four full days, and I thought, why not?

Amazing breakfast view at Changi Airport

Everything was planned for me the moment I landed at Juanda Airport. He was waiting for me at the arrival area, with my name printed in Caps. I had no idea where I’m staying, how the route was gonna be, but I had a feeling this trip was gonna surprise me – and it did!


And our first stop? F-O-O-D.

Denny brought me to a local eatery to try out Bakso (Beef balls) and Tahu Lontong (Tofu with compressed rice cake, drenched in satay/ peanut gravy). Pretty interesting for my first taste of East Java!


Nothing much we did on the first day; popped by to check out the rainbow village, and then a massage after. Oh, and working in the hotel room till dinner time pfft

Rainbow village in Malang

We started our day early, around 6am. Took us 2 hours to reach Temput Sewu, where it was pretty chilly. Typical breakfast: Chicken noodle soup – and we were headed for the hike.


No amount of filter can save my eyebags

And Harry, my guide for the trek, took a truckload of photos for me throughout. I told him halfway through that I had enough photos but he insisted on my modelling.

The way down – the whole hike was like this, crazy waters but thankfully it wasn’t really slippery!

But his photos are realllll dope. Check them out:


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My favourite shot of the lot!


Harry really made me look like a model – look at ‘dem legs!

IMG_20190901_083841Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_20190901_084313fullsizeoutput_11f0IMG_20190901_093134IMG_20190901_101221

The whole trek will probably take 2 hours, but we were there for about 4 hours cause we kept taking photos. Harry took a total of 190 photos!!

Tumpek Sewu was sooooo nice. I’ve been to lots of waterfall around Southeast Asia but this is definitely top of my list now. Really glad Denny gave the recommendation and took me here! đŸ™‚

If you’re keen in the packages offered by Bromo Ijen Transindo, check out his site or WhatsApp him at: +62 821-4130-3048

More on East Java coming up!


Olivia L.

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