Hat Yai // Day Two // Jiak allllll dayyyyyy~ // Chok Dee // Kim Yong Market // Mookata

Day Two of our Hat Yai trip was nothing except chill and eat and eat. For this trip, we hadn’t planned a detailed itinerary except to check out several key places to eat. Hehe life of a fatty

Morning bloated face. Pui puiii~

We proceeded to Chok Dee for breakfast as it is pretty well-known to the locals. Each dimsum dish was only 20 baht and there was quite a number of selections available.

Another infamous dish from Chok Dee was their Bak Kut Teh. The dim sum was way way wayyyy below our expectations but the Bak Kut Teh was rather good. The broth was brewed with black soya sauce, and hinted of the aroma of Chinese herbs. There was pork intestines, pork stomach, tau kee, pork, and pork balls in the soup. The pork intestine was exceptional! It was super soft and melts in one’s mouth, literally.

The total cost for all our food (8 dimsum + 2 bak kut teh) was merely $12-$14 SGD! I swear food here is crazy cheap. Afterwards, we headed out to Kim Yong market and took a walk around. The weather was extremely warm and humid that day and we were perspiring profusely as we strolled around.

What I love about Thailand has to be their vibrant colors and positivism. Everything seems so peaceful and really optimistic. In fact, I feel that these colors represent my character as I, too, am someone who loves brightly colored stuff and I am extremely optimistic.

We headed to Lee Gardens Plaza for some slight shopping again and settled for some Chocolate fondue. Yums~~

Subsequently, we retired for the rest of the afternoon and proceeded to Li(ua)ng Pek for Mookata! A must-have for us whenever we are in Thailand. One reason for eating mookata is the authenticity of a Thai feel and the less commercialised experience you get. Most mookata places are only patrolled by Thais and you would not see any foreigners. You get an authentic experience, great food, crazy amount of varieties, and all at a really low cost!

Salad station
Dessert station
BBQ meat section
Frozen food section

The first time we tasted the soup, we were captivated by it! If you remember, I mentioned previously that the soup for the mookata we had in Phuket was the best that we have had. On the spur of moment, the soup base here was even better! However, we subsequently realized that the soup was laden with msg as we felt thirsty easily while eating our food. So neh, I guess our previous try was better.

The meat here was also rather tough and super not chewy. There were only limited choices for the meat and they were often unmarinated. This was certainly unlike our previous experience where the limited amounts of meat were extremely tender and well-marinated. Oh, and there were no seafood available! The staff merely stocked prawns once and there were really limited quantities of it. :/

One plus point about this mookata is its great number of selections. There were even coconut ice cream for dessert! (Of which I ate three portions of it hehe)

Similar to all other meals, it merely cost 400-500 baht for two pax. I would encourage everyone who visits Hat Yai to give it a try. While the food is not fantastic, it was certainly a great experience sitting among the locals and having a taste of the authentic Thai feel. One plus point about this mookata is its great number of selections. There were even coconut ice cream for dessert! (Of which I ate three portions of it hehe)

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