Bangkok, Thailand // Day Ten // Review // Petite Audrey

J and I had visited Petite Audrey the night before after dinner at Greyhound’s but the manager listed some kitchen technical problems and told us to return another day. After some last minute shopping at Platinum, we decided to pop over to Petite Audrey to mark our final stop in Bangkok.

We arrived approximately at 3, 4 plus and found the restaurant rather empty. P1050962e


Every single decoration in its interior were well taken care of and makes for a great Instagram-worthy post. The French-inspired settings were classy yet not overly far-fetched.

P1050951e P1050942e

J and I decided to settle on an appetizer, a mains and two desserts.


Say Cheese: Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese Dip, 130 baht

To our pleasant surprise, the fried potatoes were a completely different texture as what we had initially expected. It was unlike most fried potato balls which were much firmer and atypical of a hash brown. The exterior of the mashed potato balls were nicely coated in a golden shade of brown. Upon biting into the balls, they instantly become fluff-like airy potatoes. The interior was soft and lives up to its name as a mashed potato texture.

The cheedar cheese dip was the same dip that most nachos are accompanied with and not exactly worth a mention. In fact, I would say that the mashed potato balls were even better when consumed individually without the dip.

Spahetti “Tom Yum”: Thai Chilli and Herbs with Deep Fried Crumbled Prawn Ball , 180 baht

J wanted something more authentic and representative of the Thai flavor, hence, we opted for Spaghetti Tom Yum. Back at home, we have often whipped up our version of creamy Tom Yam spaghetti and received lots of praises for it. We were looking forward to what Petite Audrey had to offer and true indeed, it was another great decision.

The use of Thai herbs had been infused into the spaghetti and the aroma of the tom yam flavor were spreading across the tastebud. The crumbled prawn balls were also a surprise as the prawn was succulent, firm and sweet. My only criticism of the dish is the lack of the sour element that is essential in every Tom Yum flavored dishes. If only a small lime were complemented with the spaghetti, the dish would have been perfect.

Milo Volcano Crepe Cake, 125 baht

P1050975eI had seen this umpteenth times on Instagram and THIS was the sole reason for my visit to the restaurant. Honestly, who is not a fan of milo? Unlike another famous crepe cake cafe that I have tried in Singapore, this was a whole new level. The layers of the cake were well defined and the combination of the milo and cream custard were such a lethal combination. Encased with milo sauce and milo nuggets, there is only one word to describe this: 爽!

Thai Iced Tea Crepe Cake, 125 baht

P1050973eThai Iced Tea is yet another beverage that all Singaporeans love. The novelty of the chefs is commendable as they incorporated yet another brilliant idea into the world of desserts. This may seem as an extremely heavy and jelat dessert, yet, it was empowering in its unique way. A friendly reminder not to eat the Milo Crepe Cake before the Thai Tea Crepe as the chocolatey sauce is much stronger and you could end up not having the ability to taste the Thai tea flavor.

Petite Audrey is an elegant cafe with attentive service staff that serves top-notch dishes. It is genuinely worthy of its hype as the cafe is meticulous to meet its consumers’ need for an aesthetically pleasant dish which does not disappoint their taste buds.

Petite Audrey: 8.5/10

Address: Siam Centre, Thanon Rama I, Bangkok, Thailand 10330

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