Phnom Penh, Cambodia // Day 4 // Review // La Librarie Hotel

We arrived at Phnom Penh at 5:30am and dropped at the bus terminal. Took a tuk tuk to our hotel and there was nobody at the door as it was still very early in the morning.

It really isn’t difficult to notice the difference between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh is congregated with more buildings but Siem Reap is slightly more rundown.

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Check-in was relatively fast and the counter staff brought us to our room.  Our room was situated on the second floor and there was a reading corner for guests to utilise. 

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The room was spacious and seemed comfortable for a night’s stay.
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We knocked out immediately after washing up and only woke up at 10 plus for a new day of adventures.

(+) Facilities

Clean and spacious rooms with a comfortable bed. No issue with noise and we were able to get a good night’s rest at La Librarie before heading off to Ho Chi Minh.

The swimming pool was also very clear and we had the pool to chill ourselves while having some Beef Burger ordered from the hotel’s restaurant.

(+) Service

Top-notch service from the staff as they were very helpful in arranging transport around the city and assisting in our queries. They had also aided in purchasing our bus tickets from Phnom Penh to HCM. Also, every time we passed by the lobby, they would be greeting us with a smile.

(-) Location 

La Librarie is at least a 15-20 mins tuk tuk ride to most tourist attractions.

All in all, we enjoyed our stay at La Librarie even though it was only a night’s stay as the facilities were well taken care of and the service crew made the whole trip much more memorable.

La Librairie Phnom Penh Hotel

8/10: #22, Street 184 (Keo Chea), Royal Palace Area/Phnom Penh/Cambodia

29.31* USD per night inclusive of taxes and booking fees via

*Price varies from time to time

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