Dresden Trippin’

Disclaimer: This is a delayed post. I visited Dresden, Germany, on 1 Jan 2022.

I happily hopped onto the train after a long night out partying over the New Year celebration.

Two hours later, I was in Dresden.

And immediately, I could feel the difference. The way the city was structured; little to no tourists; more reserved Germans…

Bad start, I didn’t know how to use the tram and missed my stop. Ended up having to drag my luggages in the cold to the hotel.

Then another surprise: I wasn’t allowed to check in. Local government was still locking it down and not permitting it for personal leisure. I was so close to taking the train back to Berlin as no hotels would be able to check me in. Somehow, with a little bit of luck, and also smart thinking from the hotel staff, I was able to and managed to do a 2D1N travel around.

Took an early rest and ventured out again the next day to Saxon Switzerland Mountains.

Dresden City at night

Not much of a highlight after the National park. Was really thankful to be able to stealthily travel around for abit and would love to check it out properly the next time.

And with this, the end of Dresden and moving on to the highlight of the trip… Bavaria (after a 6+ hour train ride!)


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