*Cues Taylor Swift’s 22*

Haha a year has since passed like that. And it feels like yesterday that I celebrated my 21st birthday. I’ve thought long and hard about whether to do a post so backdated but I guess I would go ahead with it. So here goes my birthday party:

I wanted something to be happy and lively, and being the greedy girl I am, I split my party into two different sections: The Heroes and The Happy. I had only decided to hold a birthday party after much persuasion from friends and J and finally gave in two weeks prior to the party. I wanted a venue that wasn’t too formal, yet able to bring out a certain lively environment. Furthermore, I had a tight budget so hahaha I ended up choosing Chen’s condo. I love the condo as the BBQ pit was in a pavilion and beside the swimming pool, giving one a sense of serenity and peace.

I worked so hard for my party. It started with researching, purchasing what I need, decoration… Most of the things I got were from Daiso as I was paying from my own pocket. I printed colored cupcake flags for my food and single-handedly pasted them into soft cardboards.

I was blessed to have the help of my two greatest friends, Chen and QH. Both of them helped out so much so much! Also, I was really blessed to have J and his best friend, Francis, who helped out throughout the whole event. Francis was my photographer-cum-BBQ-chef lol. Oh and not to mention my aunts and family who helped out with the food. Kamsahamida!

Personally, I was really really impressed with my own decor and really didn’t expect it to turn out so well. However, it was a pity that Francis didn’t take too many photos of my decor. But but his photos were really really nicely taken and editted so nvm la! Most of the pictures of the decor are from my friends’ phones. 😦

The Happy Section:

I really like how bright and gorgeous the photos turned out to be! Every color is just so cheerful and happy! 

Momo looking so happy and beautiful here 🙂
Hehe J ordered this slushee machine and it was the highlight of the night! Everyone loved it!
Orange and Cola Flavored Slushee

And this is the Heroes section: Unfortunately not much photos here. I really love the Avengers cartoon characters and the buildings. All images printed by sourcing through Google. Buildings were made by pasting black colored paper over boxes.

One by one, people started streaming in. The boys, as usual, was extremely punctual and arrived first. Kesh and Kwok could not attend as they were in Aussie and JK only came later. 

I was really glad to see how well my two girls were chatting with my two friends though they barely met.

LOL stupid JK and bud joking around with the fake dumbbell(photo prop) which was ahem also handmade by yours truly. 
Best buddy one can ever ask for. Still single though, any takers? 

Then came the UB mates.

LOL my fatty Dad and bro 🙂

Euniceeeeee, whose birthday’s just two days after mine

And so thankful for my two girls who helped out so much.

And not forgetting J’s family, and my family. Truly blessed to receive so much love from everyone.

Loved this picture of J. He looks so cute! Haha

J’s family helped out a great deal for my party too and I’m so grateful for them as well. 🙂

And the awesome cousin who I adore so much!

It was cake-cutting session thereafter. The reason I didn’t want a party previously was because of the dreaded awkward moment when all the attention was on you when people sing the birthday song. Hahaha

This has been my favorite cake and I decided to purchase the bigger version to share it with my loved ones. It is sooooo expensive but worth every bit of money! The cake’s called Antoinette from Antoinette haha.

It looks like there’s alot of pimples on it doesn’t it? LOL

So many people have said that my bro and J looked alike. And on this special day, J’s bro, my bro and J finally met. Here, I introduce you, the triplets:


The man behind all the beautiful photos: Francis!

J bought a quotes book for me and I editted it slightly to become my personalized birthday album. I really like all the quotes and beautiful pictures inside. The cover was initially ‘Inspiration’ but I modified it and pasted another layer over to make it ‘Joy’, a constant reminder to myself.

This is how the inside’s like:

This post may be a year late. But I am so glad to finally pen it down. I guess the only regret was that very important people such as Tea, and Kesh were unable to attend my party. Kwok, Jiajia and Olivia were also missing as they were overseas. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t blame them as it was circumstances that placed them under such situation.

I love birthday wishes. And this year, I received so many personal messages from people, even people who I have not met for a long long time. Birthday wishes indicate the genuine and sincerity from people. To me, a sincere wishing is more important than grand celebrations or great gifts. Lastly, I thank everyone who have been a part of my life. All of you people have made me a better person in one way or other. 

A year later, and I am now 22. I can still remember the entire event from last year. It truly felt like yesterday. As I turn 22, I wish to say, I’m ready to take on whatever challenges that will be coming my way. Thank you, people. 🙂

Ending off with a photo… of me, still behaving like 1.

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