Phuket // Day Four // Da Mario

Day Four of our trip was basically spent doing things that we liked. Sleeping, swimming, eating and exploring. J rented a motorbike from the hotel for 250 baht and practiced for 20 minutes. Afterwards, we rode and checked out Da Mario which was recommended by his friend.

Da Mario is an Italian restaurant and there are two outlets in Phuket. One is in Kata and the other in Patong. We had previously tried finding this place with Google maps but to no avail. But I guess we were lucky to chance upon it again.

Being fanatic over Risotto, both of use decided to try theirs out. As it takes some time for the rice to cook, we began camwhoring again.

Act Yi Ge

And finally, after almost 25 minutes of waiting!

Risotto w/ Prawns & Vegetables
Risotto w/ Prawns & Vegetables

I opted for the risotto with prawns and vegetables as I wanted something “healthier”. Haha the risotto came in heart-shape and looks amazing with all the colors splattered over. The smell of fresh vegetables attacked me even before putting it into my mouth. The mushrooms used made the risotto juicier and less jelut. The vegetables were so well done and juicy with every bite. The rice used in the risotto was also well done and neither too overcooked nor undercooked. 

However, I feel that it could be better if it was slightly more buttery and some savory flavor were added instead. The vegetables used had made the dish a little too sweet. Also, the share was rather big for me and could have been better if it were slightly smaller.

Risotto w/ Prawns & Vegetables – 4/5

Risotto w/ Seafood
Risotto w/ Seafood

J opted for the risotto with seafood. Similarly, the dish was piled with lots of seafood. But it was still lacking to kick that we were looking for. Personally, I feel that the risotto w/ vegetables that I had opted was a better choice. This was not bad, but just lacking something.

Risotto w/ Seafood – 3.5/5

The overall experience at Da Mario was alright. Attentive staff as we were the only guests around and food was pretty good. However, it may be difficult to locate this restaurant. If given a chance, will I visit Da Mario again? Yes, but I will opt for something else to try instead.

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