Phuket // Day Three // Mali Seafood & Restaurant

We proceeded to our hotel to rest before setting out for dinner again. But first, let me spam some photos I’ve taken haha.

View from our hotel:

So J wanted to catch the sunset so we went to Kata beach before heading out for dinner. It was such a stunning sight. The sun was setting by then but at another corner, there was lighting flashing amongst the skies.

This photo definitely ranks as one of the top few I’ve taken for this trip.

Dinner today was at Mali Seafood & Restaurant which I had blogged about previously. We wanted to have a try of their seafood as the aroma of the grilled seafood had attacked us the moment we headed out of our hotel.  

However, I have to say that we were sorely disappointed with the food as it did not live to our expectations. We had ordered raw oysters, octopus in curry sauce, pineapple fried rice and prawns with garlic.

Raw Oysters

Oysters were available at 60 baht each almost everywhere in Phuket. The oyster that we had belonged to the category of: Oh, oysters lor. It wasn’t anything fascinating as it wasn’t the freshest that we’d tried.

Prawns with Butter and Garlic

Another disappointing dish. Prawns were exactly fresh or sweet and there were too little butter and garlic used. Meh.

Pineapple Fried Rice

Pretty good. Filled with chunky pineapple cubes, the rice was fragrant. However, what was lacking was cashew nuts which would give the entire dish a lift.

Octopus in Curry Sauce

Meh again. Insufficient gravy, and the sotong was not ‘Q’ enough. 

Overall, I would say that the seafood isn’t worth the hype. I’m guessing that the quality of the food is compromised as there is considerably more people at night. So just try out their lunch menu instead!


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