Phuket // Day Four // Mookata

What’s Thailand without Mookata? Skip the Korean BBQ, try Thai BBQ and Steamboat instead and I assure you to be as satisfied. For dinner, we decided to drive to Patong again to re-visit the Mookata that we had eaten at previously. However, we lost our way and just as we were about to leave, I lifted my head up and saw another Mookata stall. A look around and you would realize that this place is only frequented by local Thais and there were absolutely no tourists.

At this point of time, we were really hungry and couldn’t bother finding anymore. At 199 baht, you get to enjoy free flow buffet of BBQ and steamboat.

While the spread isn’t out-of-the-world amazing, it was still sufficient enough for us. Take your pick! The spread ranges from different types of meat marinated in different ways and seafood of all sorts.

Well, if you still have no idea what Mookata is, this is how it looks like. Basically you start off with two pieces of pork lard on the BBQ part to produce oil for you to BBQ your meat.

Just spread the pork lard lightly over the top part to spread the oil. And you can start cooking!

Let me first start off with the soup. OMG THE SOUP IS THE BEST CLEAR SOUP I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE. It looks so harmless and bland with the color but let me tell you not to get deceived by its looks. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt and tasttyyyyyyyyyy and just addictive. 

The meats were very well marinated too. Two most particular ones that stood out were its Black pepper beef and Chicken. The black pepper beef, if cooked well were tender, juicy and oozing with greatness. And the chicken! People underestimate the greatness of chicken. The chicken too, if cooked well, were the tenderest shit I’ve tasted in my life.

I would even go on to say that this was the highlight of all that we’ve eaten in Phuket for all 5 days. SO GOOOD! BRING ME BACK NOW PLEASEEEE I’M DROOLING OMG. Okay I don’t know where it is except it is 10 minutes from Bangla street and near a petrol station. There’s a telephone number there if you’re interested.

And I’m ending off with this:

Took this while J was asleep with his hands in mine. Haha okay bye!

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