Phuket // Day Five // Surfhouse@Phuket

On the very last day, we woke up and headed for Surfhouse@Phuket. We had passed by this place earlier as it was directly opposite the beach. 

Surfhouse@Phuket is similar to Wavehouse Sentosa where there is man-made waves and you can learn surfing here. Also, it is a restaurant combined and you can grab a bite if you’re hunry. First-timers who are interested to learn surfing are required to pay 200 baht for registration fees and it would cost 800 baht for an hour.

And off we go!

So you start off by holding onto the rope and trying to get the hang out of it.

You lose balance and fall. 

And restart over and over again, until…


Here’s J’s shot at it. Well, I’m saving him embarrassment so here are the product after trying again and again.

Looking like a pro too! With a hot angmoh’s back at the background haha.

So after an hour of learning, we’re famished and decided to settle lunch here.

Double Royale Burger

J opted for a double beef burger as he wanted something heavier after all the sweating. The beef patty was tender, but not moist and juicy as expected. But the chunky fries were mad love! I love chunky fries haha!

Fried Rice w/ Chicken
Fried Rice w/ Chicken

Yumssssss. A surprising choice I made. The rice was fluffy, soft and moist. The chicken pieces were however lacklustre as it was merely overly grilled breast meat.

And we saw this little girl being very proud of her body haha so cute!

And a cute little boy who seemed so happy just playing around with the shower.

All in all, it was a great experience learning to surf at Surfhouse@Phuket. The instructors were patient and even though prices may be slightly steep, it is well worth it. Afterall, you’re overseas so why not pick up a new skill? Food-wise, quality was okay but not fantabulous and prices of alcohol are also slightly higher. But if you’e hungry, just go ahead and order la!

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