Bali // Day One // Ubud // Review// Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner

I know. I know. It’s been tooooo long! This semester has been filled with terrible deadlines, project work and lots of writing assignments. But oh well, it’s all over now! YAYYYY One more week to our Phuket beach holiday! So glad to be going back to this country again. We totally enjoyed ourselves the last time we were there back in Jan 2013.

Alright since I have time now, I’ll blog about the Dirty Duck Diner!

Thankfully, there was free shuttle service by the hotel. We were utterly famished as there wasn’t any food available from the hotel restaurant as they were closed that day.

The ride took less than 10 minutes and we were really looking forward to it due to all the reviews we saw online.

Bebek Bengil

We ordered the infamous Bebek Bengil that everyone raved about. Basically, Bebek Bengil refers to crispy deep-fried duck which was steamed in Indonesian spices beforehand.

Mehhhhhhh. The vegetables were terribly salty, and the portion was really small small and small. The duck was indeed crispy and smelt pretty good with the spices used. However, the duck was really lacking in meat and it really isn’t worth a second trip.

Bebek Bengil   2.5/5


Yet another disappointing dish. I know ordering escargots in an Indonesian restaurant is a dumb thing to do, but the boy loves escargots so we decided to go ahead. The escargots were obviously frozen ones and tasted fishy and even rubbery. If it wasn’t for the garlic and butter used, the entire dish could be worse.

Escargots w/ Butter & Garlic   1/5

Carbonara w/ mushrooms and bacon
Carbonara w/ mushrooms and bacon

I KNOW. Yet another really weird choice. But there really wasn’t anything appealing to me on the menu and as a die-hard pasta fan, I just had to order this. Surprisingly, this was a wise choice! Lots of crispy bacon bits and mushrooms! Despite being creamy, the dish did not turn out to be jelut as expected from most Carbonara. In fact, this remains as one of the top few Carbonaras that I’ve tasted.

Carbonara w/ Mushrooms & Bacon   4/5 

Overall, Bebek Bengil really isn’t worth the hype. The meal costs approximately 30+ SGD and food were mediocre. I would very much spend the money somewhere else, really.

Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner  6/10

Padang Tegal, Ubud

After dinner, we took a walk to explore Ubud. Really loved how beautiful Bali is. Ubud is a place culturally rich and filled with beautiful paintings. So be awed by the colorful and extricate paintings when you walk pass them!

Roads in Bali are pretty bad in shape and can sometimes be super dark and dangerous. Thank goodness, we had a torchlight in hand to guide us. Mosquitoes are plentiful too and no amount of mosquito coils and insect repellent can help so be prepared!

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