Bali // Day Three // Seminyak // Review // Sea Circus

Woke up to this gorgeous view from our room at Kokonut Suites. Green paddy fields are one main attraction for Bali. However, in recent years, due to the development for tourism, most of these paddy fields have been cleared and given way to hotels.

Back then, I still had pretty long hair HAHA. Kind of unused to seeing this hairstyle now.

And we ventured out for breakfast since our hotel deal did not comprise of hotel breakfast.

Took a walk to Kata beach and finally settled at this bright and beautiful place for breakfast. This place is definitely a great discovery as the food were pretty good and the prices were relatively affordable.

Love the interior and exterior decor of this place. The blue and white hues remind me of the boundless skies and immediately lifted our moods. 

It started drizzling and the hot chocolate I’d ordered came with a quote that complemented the weather.

Standard Eggs w/ Bacon and Mushrooms
Standard Eggs w/ Bacon and Mushrooms

J had opted for the breakfast set comprising of scrambled eggs, toast, bacon and mushrooms. Imagine all your favorites for breakfast. GET IN MAI BELLY NOW!

Standard Eggs w. Bacon & Mushrooms – 4/5

Ricotta pancakes w/ banana & palm sugar caramel

I decided to go for something different from J and went ahead with their pancakes. The syrup in the image were palm sugar caramel and did not go well with my pancakes at all. Call me traditional, but maple syrup would have been the perfect choice no matter what. However, the pancakes were well-done as it was fluffy and thick, just what I like for my pancakes!

Ricotta pancakes w/ Banana & Palm Sugar Caramel – 4/5

Ricotta pancakes w/ banana & palm sugar caramel

Finally, it stopped pouring and we quickly made our way out of Sea Circus to elsewhere. Sea Circus is easily recognizable from their colorful exterior. We loved Sea Circus and would highly recommend anyone who’s in Seminyak to hop over for a meal. The interior itself is bound to lift your spirits high even before you dig into your food. The breakfast menu is available from 8am to 12:30pm. 

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Sea Circus – 4/5

It started pouring again later as we were walking back to our hotel pffft. And this has got to be the first time I had placed both legs into the deep puddles of water which had flooded the roads. It was disgusting with all the mud in it as well. :/

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