Bali // Seminyak // Day Two // Warung Pantarei

After checking-in at Kokonut, we decided to take a walk and explore the area. Eventually, we settled for Warung Pantarei. By this time, we were already famished and needed food so badly. 

Warung Pantarei is a Greek cuisine restaurant and features simple and laid-back dishes. The restaurant was relatively quiet and we were one of the few customers there.

Assorted Greek Meze
Assorted Greek Meze

First up: Assorted Greek Meze

This was our first attempt at Greek food and this was surprisingly good. There were many different dips such as cheeses, guacamole and sour cream and I-don-know-what-else. The dips are perfect for fickle-minded individuals like us who want abit of everything. It tasted pretty weird at first but we fell really deeply in love with it later. The entire dish was light, surprising and a great way to start our main dish.

Assorted Greek Meze – 4/5

J opted for the Tenderloin Steak Lokal. The steak was so small and the potatoes at the side were dry and tasteless. There’s nothing fascinating about the steak though we had waited for 20 minutes for it. Meh.

Tenderloin Steak Lokal – 3/5

I had chosen Aglio Olio but it was so bad and I feel no need to post it up. Haha. Since we were both rather unsatisfied with what we had, we ordered another Chicken Souvlaki Roll.

At first glance, we were again skeptical about the roll but it tasted pretty amazing. The chicken was crispy and went well with crunchy lettuce and tomatoes.

Chicken Souvlaki Roll – 3.5/5

Even though the two mains were really lousy, we really loved the Greek Meze and we would consider re-visiting just for it in future.

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