Travel Hacks to Backpacking in Taiwan – Part II (Kaohsiung)

A backpacker has limited time to explore a country. Each time he or she visits, it would only be a short 2-3 days stay. In order to maximize taking in sights of the country fullest, research has to be done prior to jet-setting.

Here, I compile a list of places/tips for backpackers and budget travellers visiting Taiwan. This was how I traveled for the 12 days when I was in Taiwan:

Kaohsiung > Hualien/Tai Dong > Taizhong > Taipei

This post will provide tips on travelling within Kaohsiung only.

Kaohsiung (高雄) – The Southern part of Taiwan.

Transport: KMRT

  • This is different from the subway used in Taipei. You will be required to purchase a separate card when using the subway to travel around the city.


i. Jing Yuan Leisure Farm (淨園農場)

Jing Yuan Leisure Farm is a different take to the citylife as you are able to watch airplanes take off/land as the restaurant offers a perfect view of the airport. However, take note that you will not be able to see as many airplanes as you expect as the airport is not as bustling as you’d imagine. You can also visit the mini zoo situated in the farm itself and feed alpacas, mini pigs and rabbits.


  • Address: 高雄市小港區, 明聖街135巷10弄12號, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 812
  • How to go: Take the Red line to Caoya Station > Exit B > Cross the road > Underneath the overhead bridge, take bus: Red 7/ Alternatively, you can simply take a cab like me once you exit from Exit B. It only costs you 100 NTD per trip for a 8-minutes ride
  • Entrance Fee: 200 NTD(Inclusive of 100 NTD voucher to offset your bill at the farm’s restaurant)
  • What’s interesting: Close-up interaction with animals such as rabbits, mini pigs and alpacas

ii.  Jin Zhuan + Kaisyuan Night Market

Located next to each other, both night markets offer a wide array of street food and games stalls.


  • Address: – 
  • How to go: R6 Kaisyuan MRT station (凯旋捷运站) > Exit 2 > Shuttle bus 
  • Entrance Fee: – 
  • What’s interesting: Food, games

iii. Cijin Island

Take a half-day trip to Cijin island and explore the rustic streets by renting a bicycle. The island is a perfect getaway from the usual Kaohsiung streets and you will be able to catch a glimpse of the typical Taiwanese life when you roam through the neighborhoods.

P1090877r P1090889r P1090882r P1090898r P1090900r

  • Address: 
  • How to go: Orange line KRT station Sizihwan Station 西子灣站 – Ferry Terminal >Follow the signs (鼓山渡轮站) on the lamp posts to get to the ferry terminal 
  • Entrance Fee: 15 NTD
  • What’s interesting: Traditional markets, beach, fish noodles, seafood

iv. Dream Mall

The biggest mall in Taiwan and East Asia, Dream Mall was the perfect escape from the heat and humidity when I was in Kaohsiung. There is a small-scale amusement park on the building with a Ferris wheel to capture the sights of the city.

P1090827r P1090830r

  • Address: No. 789, Zhonghua 5th Rd, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 806
  • How to go: Kaisyuan MRT > Shuttle bus to Dream Mall
  • Entrance Fee: –
  • What’s interesting: Amusement Park, Ferris Wheel, Shopping

v. Rui Feng Night Market

  • Address: 
  • How to go: Kaohsiung Arena MRT > Exit 1 > Walk for 5 mins
  • Entrance Fee: – 
  • What’s interesting: Street food, clothes, games stall

vi. The Dome of Light

Created by artist Narcissus Quagliata, the dome is the world’s largest public art installation made from individual pieces of colored glass. The work not only adds to the beauty of the station, but also adds a new dimension to the art life of the Kaohsiung and creates a new scenic spot in the city. (Source)


  • Address: Kaisyuan MRT
  • How to go: Kaisyuan MRT
  • Entrance Fee: –
  • What’s interesting:

vii. Liu He Night Market

IMG_4851r IMG_4852r


  • Address: –
  • How to go: Formosa Boulevard MRT > Exit 11
  • Entrance Fee: –
  • What’s interesting: Street food, Souvenirs

Other places to consider:

  • Kenting
  • Lotus Park
  • Love River
  • Dragon & Tiger Pagodas

Generally, it was easy to navigate around Kaohsiung as the subway was convenient and highly reliable. Kaohsiung is pretty different from Taipei as there are lesser crowds around. If it wasn’t because of the typhoon season, I would have made it a point to visit Kenting. Next time, then.


Olivia L.

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