Bangkok // Must-Try // BAKE Cheese Tarts

Happy New Year!

I took a short trip over the long weekend with a close friend of mine and we started our day roaming around EmQuartier – A place I discovered during my July trip which has the latest and hippiest restaurants.

It took quite a while before I decided to post this, because it is so good I hope it remains in my pocket so that the queue will not start snaking. But I’ve decided to share it, simply because, I hope that if anyone’s going to do justice to it, it has to be me.

Originating from Japan, BAKE has now swept the shores of Asia. It has opened up branches in Hong Kong, Seoul and now Bangkok. Unfortunately, it has yet to reachSingapore and this remains a pretty well kept secret.


The aroma of the cheese floated in the air and we knew that we had to get it, despite us having empty bellies in the morning as we were preparing to feast at Greyhound. There was no queue at this point of time and the next moment, our legs had brought us to the counter.



There is a limit of 12 tarts per person, and each tart costs 80 baht. The pricing is slightly steeper, but trust me, you’d not want to miss this.


The first bite into the tart and my heart was squealing in delight. The crust was baked to perfection and was slightly sweet. The cheese, on the other hand, was foamy, airy and light. It was an experience I never had before.



We took more bites onto the tart. Each bite was better than the previous. Three kinds of cheese were used to make the mousse and every tart was doubly baked for that beautiful crimson yellow you see on the surface. Every single tart was also quality controlled and those that didn’t make it were disposed without any hesitation.


I realized that lemon or some sort of zest was whipped into the cheese mousse, ensuring that your tastebud never get tired of the cheese. This was the perfect harmony of savory and sweet.

Furthermore, the fragrance lingered on for some time even after we had finished eating up the entire tart. Seemingly harmless, but it took our souls away and we could vividly recall how it tastes like whenever we talked about it.


A simple tart can give off varying texture. When eaten in room temperature, the cheese dissolves on the pallet and gives off a softer texture. When refrigerated, the foam would have thickened and tastes mostly like a cheese pudding. If frozen, there is a thicker and silkier consistency. If you’d like a contrast, bake it in the oven under low heat and the crust gets crispy again with an interior that oozes when you bite into it.

Diet can wait, cheese tarts can’t. And guess who’s going to Tokyo in a week’s time?


BANGKOK EmQuartier / Thailand

GF, The waterfall Quartier, The EmQuartier
OPEN / 10:00-22:00

*All images taken from iPhone 6 Plus, hence the compromised quality

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