Perth, Australia – Through the lens of a Singaporean student

Australia has always been a dream destination of mine since young as my love for nature and animals are married in one single land. My fascination for Australia was finally realised this year, when Jason, a friend from our clique, suggested for us to visit Perth. This time round, everything fell in place perfectly and before we knew it, we were on the flight down to Perth.

I knew her back in Junior College (JC) and we clicked instantly. Keshveen, more affectionately known as Kesh, is a dear friend of mine. After 2 years of JC life, she set foot on her journey to Perth for her pursuit of her law degree. While we’ve been apart for 5 years now, our friendship has never changed and the chatter never stops whenever we meet.

Here, I document the start of our 8-day trip to the Land Down Under through the lens of a Singaporean student.

Day One: Kailis’ Fish & Chips, Fremantle Market

We took a morning flight to Perth at 3:30am in the morning and landed 5 hours later. It was not the best sleep for a light sleeper like me but the excitement was keeping me wide awake.

Clearance was fast and easy as there were designated lanes for Singaporeans, presumably due to the large amount of Singaporean students studying in Perth. All was well.


Alas, where’s the lady who’s supposed to pick us up?

Turns out there were some issues with parking hence the delay. First thought? Awesome, awesome weather. It was winter when we visited and it was chilly with some sun.

We stopped by a small lake near the suburb that Kesh and her brother, Harry, was staying at before dropping our luggage at their place.


We were famished at this point and the first thing  we had to settle were our tummies. Many have debated whom the honor of the best fish & chips of Fremantle should go to between Kailis’ and Cicerello’s and our friends have given the vote of confidence to… Kailis’

So, first stop: Kailis’ Fish & Chips


I loved the vibe of the area as we overlooked the sea and everything was perfectly picturesque.


The place was packed with people and hungry seagulls were flying over our heads eager to sneak a bite whenever they saw the chance to.


We ordered a seafood platter and a seafood chowder to share between the 3 of us. The platter consists of breaded fish, scallops, shrimps, calamari, chips and some mussels.

The portion was huge and definitely excessive as we struggled to clean the plate. Then came the rascals (seagulls) that attempted to steal from us whenever we weren’t paying attention.

Address: 46 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

After a hearty meal, we made our way to the beach and took a stroll in an attempt to offload some calories.


Second stop: Fremantle market

It was Saturday the day we landed and Fremantle market was opened. A heads-up, Fremantle market is only opened from Friday to Sunday.

The boys were so engrossed with a street performer right outside the market and Kesh and I wandered around…

And saw this! Egg waffles with ice-cream, what’s there to resist?


After 20 minutes, the boys were finally done with the performance and joined us indoors at the market.


Unfortunately, we had too much food and sampled some honey cakes.

The walk to the carpark was a long and tiring one, it was late afternoon at this point of time.


Finally, we were back for a nap before dinner in the evening. Lighting was horrendous at the restaurant and I gave up trying to take photos of our meal and instead focused on a good conversation with our friends. After a wash-up and some time in front of the telly, we retired for the night.

With love,

Olivia L.

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