Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – A Review of Pizza 4P’s

Prior to our visit to HCM, a fellow colleague had recommended Pizza 4P’s to us and we read online that it is best to book an appointment before heading down. Our appointment was set at 7pm and we headed out at 6, not realizing that HCM’s traffic were a huge burden.


It was difficult to get a cab at this hour and traffic was insane. We walked along the streets for 20 minutes before we finally got a taxi. At this point, we felt pretty handicapped as we have yet to find a place selling SIM cards. The cab driver had some problems navigating as well and we only reached the restaurant at 7:05.

The restaurant is located in a small alley and it was really difficult to locate it.




Ginger Ale

We ordered the Ginger Ale and were pleasantly surprised when we took a sip at Pizza 4P’s rendition of it. Refreshing yet empowering in its own unique way, this was the perfect start to our meal.

Passion Fruit de Coco
Japonese Carbonara, 155,000 VND

P1080781 P1080788

Homemade Buratta Cheese laid atop of the spaghetti. Tossed in egg and soy sauce, the dish was beautifully done and set a high expectation for the rest of our meal. Furthermore, they had used top-quality Japanese seaweed which enhanced the overall flavor and layered every mouth with fragrance.

However, there was a lack of bacon and sauce in the dish and it became too tiring on our tastebuds after awhile.

Then came the highlight of the restaurant.

Half-and-half Pizza: Salmon Sashimi & Burrata Prosciutto, 290,000 VND

P1080791 P1080792 P1080796 P1080802


This is definitely one of the most exceptional pizza we’ve had.

Pizza 4P’s uses classic wood-fired oven and all pizzas are baked with a high heat of 500C for a minute and a half. We chose to half our pizza to try out two flavors: Japanese sashimi and Buratta Prosciutto. The half with Japanese sashimi had fresh salmon sashimi on top of it but it lacks a wow factor in it. The other half with Buratta Prosciutto was stunning as the smokey crust delivered a lingering aroma in the mouth thereafter.

We enjoyed every bit of the pizza while it lasts. Not only that, the use of homemade Burratta cheese perfectly complemented the Prosciutto ham used.

The meal at Pizza 4P’s was exceptional as the restaurant was sincere in its approach and offered the freshest ingredients. The execution of its dishes were beautifully done and delivered with perfection and dedication.

Address: 8/15 Le Thanh Ton, Dist.1
Contact number: 0120-789-4444

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