I quit my job


After contemplating for a good few months, I’ve finally made the call to resign – not because it wasn’t a good environment, but because I really needed a change. I know it’s gonna be even tougher from here on, but I can’t wait for the new challenges. I wanted to take a leap of faith, to go forth and check out a new environment, meet new people and take on new clients.

It has been a really great ride, and I can’t thank Ying enough for all the support they’ve given. I truly found a family and friends that I could depend on and every day was fun with such amazing people around me. I will never forget the good old days of Christmas celebrations, where we lip-synced and danced to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae nae)” and the themed parties we held every few months. Thank you for all the memories. You guys have not just shaped me into a better Comms Specialist, but also a better person.

So for the next month, I will be travelling. This will be the longest trip I’ve done so far. The journey starts in Krabi, Thailand, and I will probably make my way down to Myanmar, Laos and finally end off at Vietnam.

A great adventure awaits, and I can’t wait.


Olivia L.

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