Turning 27, and staying goofy


I remember last year this time, I was feeling miserable and lonely. I had booked a trip to Krabi for two, but ended up travelling by myself. This year’s a little different, I’m still alone (though not travelling), but I’m pretty at peace with myself.

I’m restarting my fitness regime again, trying to hit the gym more often and eating healthier (gosh my tummy after all the travelling!). People around me are happy, and seeing them happy makes me happy.

I love seeing how we’re all at different phases of life – some getting married and moving into a new place, while some, like me, are on the search for a potential partner while facing the incessant nagging from relatives asking when we’re gonna get married.

I remember Marcel telling me this before, “27 is no age at all. Don’t let that put you under pressure.”

Indeed. I don’t want/need to live under societal’s pressure. My happiness is mine to own. Here’s to many more years of travels and living life for myself. Stay goofy, be courageous, and never lose yourself.


Olivia L.

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