Luang Prabang: From words to reality


I first knew about Luang Prabang when I was researching for an article I was writing on a couple of years back. The Alms-giving ceremony and waterfalls particularly appealed to me and I knew I had to visit when I have the chance to.

This was the perfect opportunity since Myanmar is right next to Laos. I thought I could easily move from one country to another via land transfer but I was so wrong. The trip to Luang Prabang required me to take a flight back to Bangkok, and then fly in to Laos again.

By this time, I was all worn out from travelling so LB was a good break as I start slowing down. When I touched down, I was really happy with the cooling weather, but again the weather showed no mercy from the next day on. It was so warm that I stayed indoors catching up on “The Society” (yep I completed the whole season!) and only went out when necessary.

Here’s some photos from the trip:

First dinner in Luang Prabang – reminds me of Vietnamese Pho, but tastes slightly different cause of the texture of the noodle

One of my absolute favourite attraction in Luang Prabang is the Kuang Si Waterfalls. I love it so much I went there twice during my entire 5-day trip.

You’ll pass by a bear sanctuary before hitting up the falls. It was nice just sitting there and watching them sunbathe or walk around.


After procrastinating for four days, I was finally able to peel myself off the bed at 5am in the morning to prepare and watch the alms-giving ceremony. There were lots of vendors around asking tourists to purchase food for the monks, but I didn’t feel comfortable joining in so I merely watched from a distance.

kWHpHKZkQ+OKZiQvJxAfullsizeoutput_bc7Also took Luke’s recommendation to check out the Bamboo Bridge. Quite a unique experience, and I was hella scared when crossing cause it didn’t look like the sturdiest structure around.


More food!

Another one of Mr. Anning’s recommendation: Utopia Bar. Great view overlooking the river, but the bartender was rude and the heat spoiled everything.


Laos-style BBQ – basically the same as Thailand’s Mookata. That’s an achievement unlocked, eating a big pot all by myself.
Evenings in Laos

Luang Prabang was pretty nice – a very chill town with cool vibes (and lots of cute and fat babies!). Five days here was prolly an overkill, so I don’t think I’d visit Laos anytime soon. Still, it was rather surreal to see words turning into reality.


Olivia L.

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