2022: To new beginnings

I’m en-route from Berlin to Dresden at the moment on the first day of 2022. It still feels surreal how time has passed and we’re now entering year two of the pandemic. As I sit here on the train reflecting about the last year, I am reminded of how 2021 was made so amazing because of all the people around me.

I was given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities this year, and most certainly challenged myself physically and mentally. 2022 will be filled with new changes, but also serve as fresh beginnings for me to reset myself for the new milestone hitting my 30s. One thing remains constant – I am and will still be surrounded by those who love and care for me.

So many new friendships formed in 2021, and I can’t say thank you enough. It has been a wild, crazy ride but I now have more people around me whom I can always turn to.

Lastly, I would also like to give myself a pat on the back – for staying strong in spite of the curveballs thrown my way, for staying resilient and true to myself this whole time, as well as always trying to become a better version of myself.

Here’s to 2022! May it be better than the last year, may we all find happiness, health and love.



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