Travelling in COVID times – Berlin, Germany

Late November, Germany declared Singapore as a high-risk country. Few days later, thankfully, this was lifted. At the same time, news reports of soaring COVID cases were rampant and splashing the news agenda.

I contemplated for a long time. Sought the advice of friends to assess the situation and maintained a watch-and-see manner in deciding my departure. Finally, I decided to just go for it, a mere 10 days before I were to take off.

First stop: Berlin

It didn’t quite start off well, had abit of a scare because I saw the timing of my check-in wrongly, and ended up at the wrong boarding gate. Also had a delayed flight, and only turned up at my connecting flight 5 minutes before boarding closes. Otherwise, everything else went well, and I arrived in Berlin on Christmas Day.

And my travel sense was definitely not kicking in – it took me two hours (instead of the 1-hour specified) to navigate the public transport before finally reaching the hotel.


East Side Gallery

Berlin Wall Memorial

Memorial to the Murdered Jews & Brandenburg Gate

Day Three & Four: More touristy stuff

Checkpoint Charlie

Christmas Market at Kaiser Wilhelmina Memorial Church

Tiergarten Park & Victory Column

Also did a day trip to Szczecin, Poland, which was just a two-hour train journey away.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

This day trip to Sachsenhausen is truly an eye-opener. Walking down the same paths of the people who never knew what their fates would turn out. And it’s not even been that long since the atrocities took place.

Here’s a reminder to keep an open mind, learn to accept differences and always choose kindness.

Met Lizzie, an American teaching at the Canary Islands. We hit it off so well we hung out that evening and even spent NYE together.

On NYE, Marcel also came to pick me up to show me other spots in Berlin.

Teufelsberg in Grunewald

Also known as an American listening station during the Cold War. Today, it’s a beautiful area with graffiti – making it the perfect photo spot.

Olympiastadion Berlin

In the evening, I crashed Lizzie’s Tinder date for a NYE house party and met a few Spaniards and Ukrainian. Was basically the third wheeler of two couples. 🤪

We wrapped up around 4/5am that day. Countdown party was quite interesting learning Spanish’s traditions and watching fireworks illegally being set off, as well as popping champagne and accidentally spilling it on the ceiling HAHA

Managed to drag my drunk self home and got up early to travel down to Dresden with just afew hours of sleep.

Stayed tuned for the next part of adventures!



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