Tassie Part I: Celebrating the last moments of 2022 at Port Arthur & Freycinet

Returning with a second post on my road trips in OZ. It’s my first time in Tassie and I’ve heard great things about it. However I tried to temper my expectations so as to not get disappointed.

But I’m so glad it definitely did not disappoint!

We booked our flights a good four months before the date but only left the accommodation and travel a month before. And boy, it was hella tough to get an affordable car/caravan/hotels.

Thankfully, we managed to snag this awesome vehicle to travel around! The number of “OMG!” and interest we got from passer-bys were entertaining to say the least.

The Mystery Machine is our main mode of commute as we travelled around Tassie. And we had to try the Lavender ice cream mid-point to Port Arthur

Port Arthur

Waters were so emerald green, which reminded me of the ones in Philippines and Thailand. It was also super calm, as compared to the other beaches in OZ.

We took an early rest after all the travels and made our way to Port Arthur Historic Site early the next day before getting on the move.

Pretty interesting tour which gave us a glimpse into early convict life in the 18th and 19th century!

Can you imagine that stealing a loaf of bread would actually make you a convict? It’s a crime that would see you being taken from the UK to Australia as punishment.

The ticket also allows us to hop onto a cruise to see the Isle of Dead, where ex-convicts and officials were buried.

Got on our way after the tour and officially embarked on our East Coast drive.

New Year’s Eve spent at Friendly Beaches.

But first, lunch at Port Arthur Lavender. The meal was absolutely amazing! View overlooked a lake too with a hint of Lavender in the air.
Pretty nippy with the wind

Will post a new blog on Freycinet National Park separately. Tassie definitely deserves several posts!

Love, Olly’23

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