Cradle Mountain: Now I know why it’s the highlight of Tassie

We met a solo traveller when we were camping at Freycinet National Park and she had shared just how amazing Cradle Mountain is.

I’ve not seen pictures of it before going but every forum thread on Facebook travel pages for Tassie would mention this place.

And as we drove towards the mountain (a 4-ish hour ride from Bay of Fires), I could understand why.

Did an easy hike when we arrived – nothing fancy, and was good to move those legs after a long drive.

Picked a free campsite just 20-mins from Cradle Mountain. Skies were changing colors throughout the drive – blue and hues of sunset orange.
Skies so unreal they look photoshopped!
And this was the skyline at 9pm!

Our plan was to hike up Cradle Mountain Summit but it was raining cats and dogs when we woke up the next morning.

Regardless, we decided to start our hike at Ronny Creek car park and see how it progresses along the way.
The rain became a drizzle and soon it stopped. Crazy gorgeous view along the hike!
Skies cleared up even more and now the sun was starting to show! We decided at this point that we were just gonna continue making our way up as much as we could and decide whether to go for the summit at the Kitchen Hut.
Then came the climbing part – I was just cursing at this point why I had to put myself through this.
I climbed to the highest point I could reach, the summit was just sooo close alrdy but I just couldn’t continue on. The path ahead was going down, then up again!
Can you spot the peak? Chris went off on his own and was basically like a mountain goat throughout, he made it look effortless!
Meanwhile I took my own sweet time making my way down, hoping I don’t end up in a scene from 127 hours.

And before long, Chris would catch up with me. 😒

And we decided to go for the Overland Track. I noticed that this trek was also gonna be challenging and was really not keen in it but Chris did not sense my reluctance HAHAHA
So we continued on
Just feeling super lucky for the weather 🍀
Plain gorgeous!
And we continued on Dove Lake circuit
And finally we were done! Legs were fried at this point and we missed our night visit to the Tasmanian Devils Sanctuary! 😦

And the very next day, we headed back to Hobart City.

Last post to come!


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