Phuket // Day One // Kata // Day One

And after checking in, we changed and went for our first meal! But first, let’s take a selfie!

Settled for lunch at a nearby eatery since we were too lazy to walk around.

Just me taking a selfie
Just me with my Chocolate smoothie
Deep Fried Wanton

Crispy deep-fried wantons with fresh prawns were pretty good for a starter. The downside was the stupid flies that kept flying around us and trying to get a bite on our wantons as well.

Phad Thai

Bad. Just bad. Super oily, terribly tough noodles. Worst Phad Thai I’ve eaten in my life. A huge waste of my calories.

Crab Meat Fried Rice

Amazeballlllls! Such a pleasant surprise. We were really hungry from all the waiting and couldn’t wait to dig in immediately hence the photo. Haha! Filled with real crab meat, the fried rice smelt of a hint of seafood’s sweetness. Furthermore, each rice grain were beautifully separated from one another. This is hands-down one of the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted.

Don’t ask me for the address ’cause I really couldn’t be bothered to take note. The flies and birds were pisssing me off so badly I just wanted to leave after eating.

After lunch, we went to swim and watched Spider Man on my laptop. Every movie we’d watched were accompanied by in-room dining which was greattttttt! The in-room dining is so brilliant it’s worth a separate post by itself. After that the two lazy bodies took a nap and finally ventured out again for dinner. It was already 8pm by then!

So we walked slightly further to a restaurant by the beach and headed for this.

Crabmeat Spaghetti
Crabmeat Spaghetti

I have no idea why J decided on something with Crabmeat again. This was dry and nothing amazing, though it looks pretty good on the photo.

Tom Yam w/ Flat Noodles

What’s Thailand without Tom Yam? I just had to have something Tom Yam-ish for my meals so I settled for this. It was light, not too spicy, and filled with lots of lemongrass. Not bad for a first try.

Deep-fried Spring Roll w/ prawns

LOL yet again! I had mistook this for another dish but this was better than the wantons we had in the afternoons. Crispy on the outside, but the prawns were moist in the inside. Pretty good.

Night time was another round of walking to digest our food. And we had oil massage at Phu Massage right outside our hotel. My masseuse was a young lady and had sub-par skills while J had his bones cracked by his masseuse which he enjoyed lol.

After that was supper again. Pancakes! Omg a must-have for all sweet tooth who visits Phuket! This was located right outside the 7-11 near our hotel and the boss had super ago-go wig-like hair.

Pancake w/ Nutella and Peanut Butter

Not the best that I’d had. The one near Patong beach was better. This was oily, had too much Nutella and Peanut butter.

And that’s all for Day One! Practically lots of eating and nothing else. HAHAHA But that’s what holidays are for isn’t it?


Olivia L.

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