Phuket // Day One // Kata // Review // Sugar Marina Resort Fashion Breakfast Buffet

Hur hur hur. I thought this looked pretty cute. It’s like Santa mistook time and came in May.

Woke up early at 9.30 for the breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant. We were pretty amazed by the spread that they offer. For this price, the spread for buffet breakfast are usually limited. The one at Sugar Marina Resort even offers an egg station! What’s better than eggs for breakfast?

Just look at the spread for the cooked food. There’s siew mais, flat noodles, fried chicken, stuffed tomatoes and I don’t know what. The spread varies for each day.

Cereal station

Even the cereal station had 6 different cereal types for people to choose from. Also, check out the toppings! There’s dried raisins, nuts and I think Oreo power?

Sweets and pastries station

Oh this fridge! I love the yoghurt drinks they provide. Also, the puddings were not bad.

Salad bar

One of the sections that I would hit everyday. Eat your greens, guys! And you would be ensured a smooth business in the toilet haha!

Fruits station
Fruits station

Oh glory glory eggs! The eggs they prepared were super good. Both scrambled and omelette. Especially loved the omelette as it was cooked to perfection. Moist on the inside and filled with mushrooms and vegetables. Oh~

And a colorful bowl of cereal that the boy opted.

Well, the breakfast wasn’t too fantastic. But I have to compliment them for the effort put in. Such a diverse spread of buffet to ensure that everyone would be satisfied.

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