Phuket // Kata // Day Two

After breakfast, we proceeded back to our room for a short rest before heading out again. We were super impressed as the room was already cleaned up by the time we return again! We probably took only half an hour for breakfast? Super efficient really.

So here’s our faces before we headed to the beach. Hahaha


And off we walked to the beach! As mentioned previously, Kata beach is a mere 3 minutes walk away from the hotel. It’s reallllyyyy near!

I loveeeee the beach! As compared to Patong, it was relatively quieter but not dead silent. The waves were pretty calm and the beach was super clean. Take note that beach chairs are available for 200 baht for 2 persons.

After sunbathing, we headed back to the hotel for a dip in the gorgeous swimming pool and I erm, camwhored again.

Beautiful lighting makes everything beautiful. Ahhhhh~ I want to go back to Phuket now!

Afterwards, we washed up and went for lunch at Mali Seafood and Restaurant just right outside our hotel. This restaurant offers fantastic food and one of the few places that we kept re-visiting during our visit in Phuket.

Strawberry Smoothie
Baked Macaroni w/ Ham

Mali Seafood and Restaurant and the Andaman coffee house next to it is co-owned under Sugar Marina Resort. This simple dish of baked macaroni and ham was done perfectly. The top layer consisted of creamy cheese and underneath it was macaroni soaked in cream sauce. This was unlike other macaroni that I’ve tasted as the lousy ones are usually overdone and charred at the bottom.

And this is me enjoying my food. Check out the cream sauce at the bottom!

Baked Macaroni w/ Ham – 4/5

Next came the boy’s pick: Homemade pie w/ stuffed mushrooms and chicken

Homemade Pie Stuffed w/ Mushrooms and Chicken
Homemade Pie Stuffed w/ Mushrooms and Chicken

J and I would always inadvertently pick the same item off our menus even before we would tell the other party what we want to choose. This item was one of them.

Deliciousssssssss! Crispy and flaky crust on the inside with succulent pieces of mushroom and chicken bits inside. Pair them together and you get two whole different sensation on your tongue! Furthermore, the scrambled eggs were beautifully done as well. Creamy, buttery and tangling on the tastebud. Ten thumbs up for this!

Homemade Pie Stuffed w/ Mushrooms and Chicken – 4.5/5

The Thais are always mixing the sequence of food up. The mains are often delivered first and the appetizer the last. What came last was a plate of disappointing and dry Buffalo wings.

Meh. Dry, dry and dry. The only good thing about it were the tartar sauce. That’s all. Not worth a mention actually.

Buffalo Wings – 1/5

The total bill came up to 580baht (Approx. $24SGD) for 1 smoothie, 2 mains and appetizer. One of the cheapest meal we had in Phuket so far, but definitely one of the most enjoyable one. There are many chains of Mali Seafood & Restaurant around Phuket so be sure to include this as one of the places to eat at in Phuket!

J wanted to try out Andaman coffee which was also owned by Sugar Marina. For 120baht, he got the Royal Chocolate Frappe which had a strong taste of coffee and chocolate. Pretty good I would say.

And there was a vendor selling Dirty Ice Cream! I couldn’t resist having something sweet again on this hot and sunny afternoon.

I found it interesting that Thais have a variety of toppings totally different from those ice-cream parlors that we would find in Singapore. Instead of chocolate chips and canned fruits or Kitkat, Thais love adding glutinous rice, Atap seeds or nuts onto it. One more thing, Thais LOVE Condensed milk. The ice cream that they bought also had condensed milk drenched over it to make it much sweeter.

Also, the Thais who were buying the ice cream avoided Chocolate flavor and all opted for Coconut. And true enough, the Coconut flavored ice-cream was good! It smelt great and the sun melted the ice cream immediately once I taste it.

Ice Cream on a hot hot day!

Went back to the hotel to nua again after lunch and caught Transformers 3 while nomming on in-room dining again. HAHAHA Omg we can really eat.

Plans for nighttime includes travelling to Patong for 400 baht. Really expensive but we do not have much option for now. We enjoyed an awesome Neck, and Shoulder massage and some light shopping on Bangla street. Also, we chanced upon this street performer dancing to Oppa Gangnam style. This was definitely something different from the usual bartop dancing or street paddlers introducing you Ping Pong shows.

And that’s all for Day Two!

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