Phuket // Day Three // Raya Island & Snorkelling

Helllooooo! And I’m finally back to blog after a short hiatus. Omg there’s going to be sooooo many photos for this day! It was difficult choosing which photos to edit as all the photos already look so good. Editting all these photos made me miss Phuket soooo much! 

We had booked a trip with Raya Father for 950 baht to Raya island for snorkelling(plus gear), and lunch for a full day. We highly recommend this agency to everyone as they are the cheapest after asking around and their services were really brilliant. 4-5 agencies had quoted us about 1200-1300 baht so always compare the prices around before settling for one!

So the minibus came to pick us up at our hotel at 830am. By then, we were already feeling afresh after a breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant and excited for our snorkelling trip.

Here’s a selfie before we set out for the trip!

After 20 minutes, we had reached the jetty and proceeded to rent their flappers for 100 baht per person. I suggest that you get the flappers as you tend to swim faster with it, also, it serves as a form of protection for your feet. Afterwards, we were sent to take the speed boat and reached the beach in 30 minutes. The tour guide, Tony, said that we could rest on the beach or swim in the sea for an hour before setting off for snorkelling. More pictures on the beach later.

And finally we’re here for snorkelling! This was our fourth time snorkelling and we knew the key to attracting fishes are BREADDDDD! Thus, we had purchased a loaf a day earlier and had brought it with us. We were supposed to only snorkel for 30 minutes here before proceeding to another island to snorkel for 30 minutes. However, the currents were huge on the other island and we settled for 60 minutes of snorkelling here.

A pity we didn’t have a water camera. The water is very clear as you can see from the photo above. We even saw a starfish! However, I would say that snorkelling at Tioman was much better as there were more types of fishes there.

And we were back again to the first island for lunch! By then, we were famished and wanted food so bad. Haha Yao kui

It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the restaurant but along the way, it was a pretty nice sight.

Instead of being served buffet styled rice and dishes, we were pleasantly surprised to find this! I feel that it’s so much more sincere. We shared the dishes with two other HKees. While the food wasn’t paradise-insanely-good, it was definitely good enough to fill or stomach.

ATVs are available for rental at 1200 baht per hour so that you can tour the island but meh it’s so expensive! So J took a photo instead. Haha!

This is a resort located on Raya island and it was stunning! I told J that if we were to come to Phuket again, we can plan a night’s stay here. Literally a beachfront resort where the sea’s your swimming pool. Woah.

Andddddd finally, the beach! Unlike Phi Phi Island tour where the beaches were painfully crowded and overly commercialised, Raya island is the complete opposite. There isn’t too many tourists and the beach is even prettier! Soft sand, turquoise seas, blue skies, OHHHHH~

And a shameless photo of me in bikini which I shamelessly editted to make myself look skinner. Talk about living in denial. HAHA

Just how clear the water is! You can even see your shadow forming inside the water!

I can stay here all day just staring at this view.

Even the fishes look prettier in its transparent and shining skin. Can I be a fish here? Hahaha

And the clock struck 3 and it was time to go home. 

I am very very pleased with this trip to Raya island and I highly recommend it to everyone who’s going to Raya island as it is ALOT less time-consuming to travel here as compared to the Phi Phi Island/Maya Bay tour. The time spent travelling for the Phi Phi Island/Maya Bay tour scarred me so bad. I remembered how it took a total of almost 3 over hours just travelling here and there in different transport forms omfg. Well of course, I stayed in Patong previously and it was terribly far from the jetty so I kind of brought it upon myself. But really, Raya island is waayyyyy better and less known to tourists! So pop over to Raya island instead!

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