Karon, Phuket // Day Four // Black Pearl Restaurant + Karon Beach

After changing out of our outfits and a short rest, we headed out to check out our surroundings. But first… lunch!

At our previous stay in Sugar Marina Fashion, we often ate at the chain restaurant (Mali Seafood Restaurant & Bar) owned by the hotel. Black Pearl & Mama are all owned by the same boss and the food did not disappoint at all. From a distance, we spotted Black Pearl and we decided to give it another shot.


I liked the interior design of the restaurant. It was either Blue with White or Black and Brown.P1050785eP1050786eP1050787eP1050795eP1050796eP1050797eP1050798eGOPR2801eP1050799eP1050801eP1050802eP1050818e

The restaurant was overfacing a lake and it was just so amazing looking at the waters and the greens. The food, though, was taking forever to come, hence the amount of photos on scenery and selfies lol.

Homemade Pie w/ Stuffed Mushrooms & Chicken
Homemade Pie w/ Stuffed Mushrooms & Chicken

J ordered the exact item which enchanted us previously, the Homemade Pie stuffed with mushrooms and chicken.

We enjoyed the pie but this was not the same standard as the one we had previously. The crust was less flaky and crispy, but the stuffed chicken and mushrooms were still very well done. The potato balls were also tough and we’d very much prefer the scrambled eggs Mali made.

Chicken Cutlet w/ Sides

The Chicken Cutlet I ordered was pretty good as the skin was crispy but not thick. The cutlet was slightly dry but still acceptable.

After lunch, we continued exploring and booked tickets to the Simon Carbarat Show and our Raya Island tour for the next day.

G0032810eAnd the beach we went!


Karon beach is also quite clean though the waters wasn’t as clear. It is also less busy as compared to Patong beach and every one is able to enjoy their bit of privacy.
Again, we washed up back at our hotel and our driver picked us up to watch the Simon Carbaret show.

_DSC4994e_DSC4999e_DSC5007eIt was my first time watching this show and it was… rather ridiculous lol. I would say, skip it la. Don’t waste the money, really.

We settled dinner at the night market near our hotel and ended the day with a lovely foot massage.

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