2020 – oh, what a year.

2020 – Who would have thought?

We all entered 2020 with high hopes – “This year I’m gonna travel more!”, “I’m getting married!”, “I’m becoming fitter!”

But all of a sudden, we were thrown into the deep end, learning to make things work and trying to keep the lights on.

But I’m glad this pandemic happened – I think the virus has made us all more resilient, more understanding; people cared more about each other and were nicer to one another. And I think what’s most important is that people realised what/who were truly important to them.

For myself, with the exception of the circuit breaker (Singapore’s version of a lockdown), I actually had an amazing 2020. When COVID-19 started to gain attention around the world in Jan, I decided to proceed with my trip. Bali gave me such great memories – I’m just so glad I managed to clock more sun/sea time before getting stuck in Singapore.

Sunrise at Mount Bromo
Splash time all day

In Feb/ Mar, things weren’t so bad – we got on life as usual. I didn’t plan on getting myself a partner, because I didn’t think I was mentally ready, and I had other plans for 2021. But I kept an open mind and met some new people.

Fast forward to now, I am just super happy and feeling lucky with Adrian. He treats me with so much respect, has never taken me for granted, apologises (!!!) when he knows I’m upset, supports me 100% and gets silly with me.

I’ve been so blessed. I still stepped out of my comfort zone and had many first experiences.

At work, I helped to launch the agency’s first podcast, worked on a kickass integrated Comms project, delivered many milestones for my clients and joined three pitches which we won.

Outside of work, Adrian’s friends are super welcoming and fun, and they often include me for their activities. I’ve learned windsurfing (certified now!), went on 2x yacht trips, had amazing rooftop BBQ and great house parties.

Some pictures from this year:

First dish he made for me very early on during the relationship.
First picnic together
Built terrariums during lockdown – mine died 2 months in and his plants are still alive.
Mister booked an amazing Spanish restaurant for one of our date nights.
Dropping surprise after surprise for his 30th
Picnic at Lazarus Island – I visited this place 3 or 4 times this year -.-
National Day in Singapore – both colours represent our flags!
Pissed drunk that day 😄
BBQ with a view
One from our most-recent windsurfing session – His friend dragged me on his sail cause I was very stuck in the middle of the sea. Still sore after 3 days.
Sunset from the windsurfing area
Cause view was nice – I mean us. HAHA
Our Xmas house party, where we had shiokalicious grilled octopus, lots of meat and booze.

Loads of silly but funny moments:

And our first Xmas together:

Made him an advent calendar. Best gift of the lot was this personalised shirt that says “I love cats” with his favourite meme cat HAHAHA
Beef Wellington at home for our Xmas dinner! Was so good 😊

Here’s wishing 2021 will be everything like this photo:

Beautiful sunset after the rain


Olivia L.

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